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At Hobsonville Point Secondary School we believe in empowering young people with the skills to contribute confidently and responsibly in our changing world.

Hobsonville Point Secondary School is a stimulating, inclusive learning environment where learners enjoy innovative personalised learning, engage through powerful partnerships and are inspired through deep challenge and inquiry to achieve academic and personal excellence.

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Welcome from the International Team!




A commitment to excellence

The Hobsonville Point Secondary School curriculum is guided by the New Zealand Curriculum to create learning programmes that are relevant to each child’s needs. Year 9 learning programmes incorporate the full range of NZ Curriculum secondary learning areas. Our curriculum is underpinned by our values of Excellence, Connectedness, Collaboration, Inquiry and Innovation and a commitment to developing personal and academic excellence.

Our curriculum model is made up of three connected elements: Learning Modules, Learning Projects and Learning Hubs. This model offers each student engaging learning opportunities to achieve academic success. It provides a range of opportunities for authentic demonstration of learning, development of deep thinking and inquiry skills and tools for learning success.

At Hobsonville Point Secondary School students select pathways that best match their learning needs. All learning pathways will prepare and provide opportunities for students to gain a full range of NCEA qualifications leading to University entrance, apprenticeship, entrepreneurship and other employment. NCEA (National Certificate of Education Achievement) is New Zealand’s national and internationally recognised qualification system for senior secondary students, awarded at three levels; 1, 2 and 3. NCEA has a core requirement for Literacy and Numeracy and future-focused literacies which are emphasised across our curriculum.

The Education Review Office

Schools are reviewed on average once every three years by the Government Education Review Office (ERO).

The ERO reports on individual schools and are freely available to the public. Our ERO report is available here

Code of Practice

Hobsonville Point Secondary School is a signatory to the Education (Pastoral care of International

Students) Code of Practice 2016.

The code can be found here:

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Summary Pamphlet:

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Becoming an Agent for HPSS


You can apply to become a recognised agent for Hobsonville Point Secondary School by filling out the Agent Application Form which you can find here Agent Application Form

You will also need to complete the Agent Agreement form which you can find here Agent Agreement Form

Once you have completed both forms please email these two forms to Heidi Burris:

Application Procedure

Applicants will need to provide the following:

  • Completed application form and contract of enrolment

  • Two most recent school reports

  • Passport copy (and parents’ if accompanying their child)

  • Completed homestay application where applicable (Homestay application)

To Apply please click on the Apply button below:



  • Medical, travel and personal insurance is a condition of enrolment for an international student studying at the School. The school can assist with this.

  • We expect that students have a level of English language ability which will enable them to take part in the school curriculum.

Please send your completed application to:



To view school fees please click here:

Hobsonville Point Secondary School International student fee list 2021




Living in Auckland

Auckland is a vibrant city with a population of just over 1.6 million people. Students love the natural beauty of New Zealand, the relaxed friendly nature of people, as well as the excellent education system.

New Zealand is ranked in the top two or three safest countries in the world and this is mostly due to a low crime rate and the absence of dangerous animals. According to the latest GPI (Global Peace Index) New Zealand was rated the second safest country in the world (June 2018) which you can view here New Zealand ranking

NauMai NZ is an official Government website for International Students currently studying in New Zealand and for International Students who are about to arrive in New Zealand to start their study. The site can be found here:

Everything you need to know about studying in New Zealand, including the New Zealand Education system can be found here:

Information about New Zealand is available on the Tourism New Zealand website


You can also watch the Promotional video for Hobsonville Point Secondary School here Life at HPSS







At Hobsonville Point Secondary School we use the wonderful services of Lake Panorama Homestays

for all our homestay students and designated caregiver services.

All families are police checked and live in the local area.

For more information please visit their website or check out their facebook page

If you will be staying in a homestay, please also complete the following application:

Homestay application form

“The first lucky thing to happen for me is Heidi finding the best homestay in the world for me! My host grandpa and grandma have helped me so much; they love me just the same as their own granddaughter. We always go shopping on the weekend, go to the beach during the holiday, and we also eat dinner together every evening. I always enjoy my time with them, and we look like a happy family. I love life when I come to HPSS! It is amazing!"

Bella Wang, China


Should you have any queries please contact Heidi Burris, International Student Director.

Heidi Burris

International Student Director


Hobsonville Point Secondary School


Phone: +64 9 975 7400

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