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Pathways at HPSS

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Keep an eye on the 2023 Tertiary Study Classroom Calendar for up coming events:

Presentations, mini-expos, guest speakers, STAR course opportunities and more

Internship Programme

Each year students are nominated to take part in our Year 12/13 Internship Programme. Linking our students with industry partners provides them with a year-long opportunity to work in an industry they are passionate about. 


Internship programme application process.

Students are to be nominated by hub coaches with conversations about suitability and happening with student/whanau/coach before nomination. Students MUST meet the following criteria:

  • A good ambassador for HPSS out in our local community!

  • Have an established vision of the industry they want to move into, as the internship is expected to last the duration of the year,

  • Reliable, and responsible for managing own transport and communication regarding attendance with employer and school. 

  • It is also helpful if students have sought out industry contacts for themselves, If they have a potential placement, they need to include their contact details in this form so this can be qualified by us prior to accepting them into the project, where appropriate, be willing and able to complete extra theory to develop industry-specific knowledge.

Priority will be given to 'school leavers' e.g using the internship as support for their transition out of HPSS. 


Careers that care for an area such as a lake or forest. 

Vocational Alignment: Primary Industries, Sustainability, Construction and Infrastructure.


Careers involve showing respect, generosity and care for others.

Vocational Alignment: Service Industry, Social and Community Services.


Careers that meet the needs of our changing world by making products and things. 

Vocational Alignment: Manufacturing, Technology and Creative Industries.

Short Course Opportunities at HPSS 

There are opportunities available for students who are not yet ready for the commitment required of the internship project to explore areas of interest through taster days, one-off courses and school holiday programmes. E.G. Gateway is a shorter-term work experience, and we tend to offer group placements with big companies e.g. The Warehouse, Warehouse Staionary, Mitre10. 

Service IQ_Gateway team 2022.jpeg

SERVICE IQ 'Red and Blue Shirts Programme'

Students take part in a Theory day and five-day practical work experience at the

Warehouse or Warehouse Stationary 10 to gain retail and customer service experience 

Academy Courses

Each year students are selected or can opt into our Trades Academy programmes. These programmes run alongside the internship programme on a Wednesday and are year-long courses. 

Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 12.11.25 PM.png

UNITEC Courses: 



Environmental and Animal Science

These courses are facilitated by external tertiary training providers and offer students hands-on industry-based learning, with a 20 - 30 credits NCEA package.

STAR School Holiday Programmes 

Senior students can participate in school holiday programmes with an external provider to gain experience and knowledge in an area of interest.

Screen Shot 2022-08-12 at 8.31.10 AM.png

 Star courses can come with a variety of credit packages for NCEA L2 and L3 students.  STAR course opportunities are shared with students in the Tertiary Classroom each term. 

External providers include: Techtorium, Yoobee, Crown, ITC, Elite, Cut Above, NZMA, NZIS and more 


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