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'Better People Through Sport and Recreation'

Here at Hobsonville Point, we pride ourselves on the sporting and recreational opportunities we offer to our amazing students and the endeavours they have within the sporting arena. Students have the opportunity to be involved in a wide range of sports that continue to expand as our student numbers grow. Currently the school offers over 16 winter and summer sports codes with our most popular sporting codes being: Adventure Racing, Tennis, Badminton, Basketball, Football, Hockey and Netball.

Our aim is to provide our students with endless opportunities that are going to ensure that they grow and develop confidence, social skills and most importantly provide a healthy well rounded, balanced and active lifestyle. At Hobsonville Point we believe the benefits are the same whether playing sport at a social or competitive level.

The sports department at Hobsonville Point works in partnership with Harbour Sport to ensure our students’ sporting needs are met. We engage in leadership programmes and promote positivity and fair play across all sporting codes to grow leadership and coaches within our school and community.

We would also like to thank the number of staff, parents, students, and wider communities who are involved in coaching or managing in the sports programme at Hobsonville Point. Without your support and encouragement, our success wouldn’t have been possible. If you have any questions or further information regarding sport, contact the sports department.

Rosie Cordy - Director of Sport


Phone: (09) 975-7400 Ext. 512

Timothy Kerr - Sport Coordinator



If you are competing in an outside school sport or representative team, please let us know. We like to share the achievements of the students with our wider community through our school website, Facebook, and school newsletter. Please email us any updates at with as much information as possible about the team or event, and your results.

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