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Student Services – Where to Get Support


The Student Services Team here at HPSS exists to support the physical and mental/emotional needs of students. We also work to support staff and whanau of the wider HPSS community. The Student Services team is comprised of the equivalent of a full time counsellor, nurse and youth worker. We are also supported by weekly physiotherapist visits, termly visits from the asthma nurse, and a dental service in the community.

The services we provide are confidential and centred around helping students to have the best possible experience at school.


You are able to contact the team using the following addresses.



Victoria (Counsellor)

Shireen (Counsellor)-

Marie Shepherd (Nurse) at

HPSS Peer Mediation

We come across conflict in all areas of life and it is the way we manage this that makes the difference. Here at HPSS, we offer a student led Peer Mediation service to help resolve conflict in constructive ways.


HPSS’s Peer Mediators are a team of Year 12 and 13 students who have been trained in the skills and process of mediation by the Peace Foundation. They offer a voluntary, confidential service that aims to support all parties to reach a resolution all are happy with.


Students can request a Peer Mediation by asking their Learning Hub Coach, asking their Community Leader, asking a Peer Mediator directly, filling out a Request for Peer Mediation form or emailing

HPSS Te Ara Manaaki Student Support website. Info, resources and support for student hauora   

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