“Hi my name is Nina, I am from Thailand and I came to New Zealand 1 year ago. When I came here I was very worried and panicked so much because everything felt different and my English level was very low. In Thailand my school was so different to HPSS and a totally new way of learning. Now my English is getting much better and I feel more confident. The teachers at HPSS have been so helpful and friendly. They have helped me to become involved in the school with activities and other jobs. Their encouragement has made me want to do more and I love being at HPSS. I have made many friends of many different nationalities. I enjoy living in New Zealand."

Nina Chansaha, Thailand

“I have been at HPSS for 2 years. I have never regretted that I came to this school. When I first came to this school, I was overwhelmed by the atmosphere of hearing only English. But soon after, I made friends. People are so friendly here and I like that we have close relationships with the teachers. When I’m struggling with something, the teachers are always here to help me. I’m 100% sure that my English has improved since I came to HPSS. All of my friends are happy to teach me English. I love my friends!”

Kazuki Isobe, Japan

"I still remember the first time I came to New Zealand in 2017. At that time, I just came to New Zealand for my trip and I had a chance to visit Hobsonville Point Secondary School. I like HPSS because of the way they run the school and I came to New Zealand for education in July, 2018. I wasn’t confident about my English and I thought it’s hard to catch up on all the subjects, to make new friends but actually it wasn’t hard. My teachers and my friends are really friendly, helpful and they helped me a lot. The teachers make me want to do more than what I think I can do. I’m so proud of myself because my English has improved and now I can help other students who can not speak English. I’m so lucky because I have a really nice host family with my host mother and three host sisters. I’m glad because I have grown. I really enjoy living in New Zealand, I want to study here until I graduate and achieve all of my dreams. "

Vi Pham, Vietnam

"When I first came to HPSS, I felt the difference in education between New Zealand and China. HPSS is more focused on the student’s interests and hobbies. So this is an excellent place to show yourself to other people, and gain more confidence.

The teachers who are doing international work make me feel comfortable. They are always trying their best to help you understand the meaning of something that is happening in the school. They will introduce all the stuff that is happening in our school, and they will also give you so much help when you feel alone or lost at school. I love choosing my subjects at HPSS as the education here is more interesting than what I'm studying in China. It is the same object to explore, but here you can find a more exciting way to go about this. All the teachers in the school are friendly and helpful. They can help you in many different ways and help you with solving any problems. It’s so cool making friends with Kiwi’s and some of the students from other countries. I can speak English with them even when something happens in class; they will always help me and explain to me when I don’t understand.

The first lucky thing to happen for me is Heidi finding the best homestay in the world for me! My host grandpa and grandma have helped me so much; they love me just the same as their own granddaughter. We always go shopping on the weekend, go to the beach during the holiday, and we also eat dinner together every evening. I always enjoy my time with them, and we look like a happy family. I love life when I come to HPSS! It is amazing!"

Bella Wang, China