Welcome from the Principal (video from Open Night).

Open Evening and Open Day Tours for Parents

Thank you to all of you who attended our Open Evening on Wednesday 3rd August and our Open Tours on Tuesday 9th August.   Unfortunately, we will not be having any more tours for the remainder of the year.



Enrolment Information

How to enrol your child.   (Please write on the enrolment form 2022 for an immediate enrolment or 2023 to start your child next year).    Please read all of the steps below before you enrol.  

Step 1: 

Enrol your child by clicking on the link below.   You may experience issues using a smart phone particularly when it comes to downloading the documents.   For successful results we recommend that you use a laptop or desktop computer to complete the enrolment form.  

Step 2: 

Download all of the documents that are requested.  If you do not complete this step your enrolment will be delayed and may be put on hold.   If you do not have all of the documents available wait until you do before you complete the enrolment.  Do not send extra documents that are not listed, this will not be helpful.    We require only what is listed below.   Once you have these you can submit your enrolment form online. 

Step 3: 

Once Step 2 is completed you will receive an email by me to notify you of an enrolment meeting date and time which will include yourself,  the student and one of our Senior Leadership Team members to attend.   There are very limited enrolment dates and timings for these meetings.    We urge you to please make yourself available to attend the date and time that you are given as there will be little room for flexibility.    The meeting will take 20-30 minutes. 

Step 4: 

Following the enrolment meeting,   you will receive a confirmation email to say that your child is fully enrolled with the school and there is nothing more you need to do. 


You will also be added to our email list and receive regular updates but you must be fully enrolled and have completed all of the above steps.   


The information we will share with you will include Orientation Day which is when Y8 students spend a whole day at Secondary School getting to know their fellow friends, peers and teachers.  This happens towards the end of November this year. 

We will also share information about starting Secondary school next year in February 2023.  You will get information about everything you need to know including your childs new Hub Coach, Community and things to help get them prepared for school.  

Important information 

To enrol you must live in zone otherwise your enrolment will not be processed.   Please find a copy of the street map attached with a list of street names that are inzone.   Street zone list 

Documents we need from you: 


One of the following: 

  1. The students original birth certificate (if born in NZ) or students current passport for New Zealand passport holders

  2. For non-NZ passport holders, all relevant Visa details and a copy of the stamped page from your passport with the arrival date to NZ

  3. Current Visa documents 


Plus two of the following:


A current contents insurance policy cover document that outlines that you are the occupier of the property 

A current electricity bill 

A current LPG gas bill

A current broadband / WIFI bill 

A current landline phone bill (a mobile phone bill is not accepted) 

A residential lease/ rental contract with a reputable Property or Real Estate Agency.  Your tenancy agreement must be in place for 6 months following January 2023.   If you are not renting with a licensed agency,   you must provide two other forms of residential ID as above.  A printed rental agreement from the internet is not acceptable.  

If you submit documentation other than those that are listed above,  your application will be delayed and may be declined.  

For all inquiries, you may contact the Principal's PA, Maliina on maliina@hobsonvillepoint.school.nz or phone 9757411.  


Please note:   You can complete your enrolment online in stages,    if at any stage you need to leave your screen and come back to it at a later stage,    click on the icon at the very bottom of the enrolment form  "Remember me on this computer".    This is located next to the submit button.   This will allow you to return to your enrolment form to complete at any stage within a 5 day period. 


To enrol online click here:  http://student.hpss.school.nz/index.php/enrolment