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Learning Support



Special Educational Needs:

Students with specific learning needs will be catered for with the usual range of support suitable to their need. This may include teacher-aide support, specialist learning support, additional reading support, reader-writer or technology assistance and Individual Education Plans.



ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

Intensive ESOL programmes will be available for students where necessary to develop their English language fluency and support them to access and maximise their learning across the curriculum.



Gifted and talented students

We believe that ‘gifted’ students are just that every day, not occasionally and our personalised approach to learning and commitment to excellence will ensure they are challenged at an appropriate level every day. Our Specialised Learning modules will incorporate inquiry learning activities which provide the open-ended investigative and problem-solving opportunities on which gifted students thrive. Our Passion Projects enable talented students to pursue their passions and incorporate them into their learning.

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