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Learning Hubs....caring, nurturing, challenging your learning coach: Home, school, student partnership. 


Learning Hubs are small groups of around 15 students with a teacher as their learning coach. this key person forms strong relationships with and works in partnership with students and their families, spending extended periods of the week working together. the coach maintains regular contact with families.

The coach provides a caring environment for academic and pastoral mentoring and guidance, and ensures each student is following a robust, challenging programme. the learning Hub is a time for learners to be exposed to a wide range of ideas, interests, skills and experiences which support their learning.


During learning Hub time students develop skills around learning to learn, hauora and wellbeing and the habits to be successful inquirers and self-directed learners. there is an emphasis on holistic development.

PERSONALISED LEARNPATH THE LEARNING COACH works with students to identify interests, needs and preferences and develop self-management skills. learners negotiate their learnPath (personalised learning programme) with their coach to ensure that what they are learning is relevant to them and their needs. the coach supports and guides students to set and meet challenging learning goals.

SUPPORTING ACADEMIC & PERSONAL EXCELLENCE THE lEARNING COACH supports learners to reach academic and personal excellence by:

- tracking progress, negotiating and reviewing short and long term goals.

- Working with students to maintain a learning portfolio.

- discussing learning issues and finding solutions.

- Providing pastoral care.

- linking learning to passions, interests and needs.

- Providing guidance for life beyond school including

career pathways.

- building on learners’ capacities to take responsibility

for their learning.

- learner meetings conferencing with whānau. -

and individual education

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