Enrolments for 2020

Important information before you begin

Please ensure you have all of the required documentation (see below) before you begin the enrolment process. If you have any difficulties filling out the form, contact the Principals PA,  Maliina Pomare-Greer on  maliina@hobsonvillepoint.school.nz or phone +64 9 975 7411.

Applicants must first complete the Online Enrolment Form and submit the requested documentation. Once the school is satisfied that the enrolment criteria have been met, the student and parent/caregiver will be invited to attend an enrolment interview with senior staff.

You will receive the email from the school approximately 5 days after you have submitted your Online Enrolment Form during term time.

Please note that "living in the school zone" means a student has their main residence in the school zone. The school will not accept the temporary transference of guardianship to someone living in-zone as evidence that a student is living in zone.

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Documents you will be required to submit online as a scanned PDF or JPEG are:


We will only accept the following evidence:

       Proof of In Zone Residency

  • A copy of a lease agreement for a rental property (unless the property is owned), whereby the agreement is valid whilst your child is at school for a minimum of 6 months



  • An electricity bill for an in-zone property indicating residence of at least a month, in the name(s) of the parent or legal guardian of the applicant


  • An additional utility bill, such as a telephone landline bill or a water services bill indicating residence of at least a month, in the name(s) of the parent or legal guardian of the applicant.

       Proof of Birth & Recent School Report:

  • Copy of the student's most recent school report (all applicants)

  • Original Birth Certificate or current NZ Passport OR NZ citizenship certificate (all applicants)

  • Original Australian passport (Australian citizens only)

  • Original passport PLUS visa PLUS date stamp of NZ entry (citizens of other countries only)



The School may actively collect information and make all inquiries necessary in its opinion to ensure that enrolment details submitted with the application are accurate.

Please click on the link below to enrol online:  


Street / Road names of inzone