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Leaders of learning

Contact Details for Learning Community Leaders

Brendan Bowie - Learning Community Leader Taheretikitiki

James Field-Mitchell - Learning Community Leader Waiarohia

Raegan O'Malley - Learning Community Leader Tiriwa

Tome Chan-Chui - Learning Community Leader Onekiritea

Contact Details for Learning Design Leaders

Andrea Tritton - Learning Design Leader Science

Celeste Baker - Learning Design Leader English

Natasha Low -Learning Design Leader Health and Physical Education

Nick Whiting - Learning Design Leader in Social Science


Supported and Priority Learning Leader

SENCO: Vanna Blucher, email:, DDI: 9757400 extn 546

Contact Details for Project Leaders

Anna Colby - Project Leader

Cairan Finnerty - Project Leader

Nicole Marr- Project Leader

Contact Details for Sports Leaders

Rosie Cordy, Sports Coordinator

Learning Coaches

Adam Glover:

Aidan Daly:

Andrea Tritton:

Anna Colby:

Beth Knight:

Brydie Nathan:

Cairan Finnerty:

Celeste Baker:

Danielle Myburgh:

Dhiren Lal:

Elizabeth Samuel:

Ghada George:

Glenn Stewart:

Jeni Little:

Judit McPherson:

June Lee:

Kogi Govender:

Leoni Williams:

Logan Coleman:

Madeleine Casey:

Marion Clark:

Mark Straayer:

Maryann Green:

Mic Watts:

Michelle Ogilvie-Teahan:

Natasha Low:

Nick Whiting:

Nicole Marr:

Phoebe Smith:

Rachel Kirkland:

Rāwiri Waters:

Sandesh Singh:

Tanya Killip:

Toni Cliffin:

Tony Willans:

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