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Learning projects...Passion, purpose, partnership

Learning projects are a key curriculum element at Hobsonville Point and are an important way of students learning in and beyond the school environment. learners are engaged in at least one learning project at any time. At the foundation (junior) level, we call these ‘Big Projects’. big Projects are a student-centred, authentic, collaborative learning experience based around a meaningful issue, challenge or needs-based situation in our community. students undertake deep exploration and inquiry to develop innovative and impactful actions, encouraging high quality outcomes and a culture of making a difference as responsible citizens and community members.

Learning through projects exposes students to a range of opportunities to spark their interests or pursue their passions. Projects draw on a wide range of curriculum areas applied to an authentic situation, with a focus on innovation, partnership and entrepreneurship. they bring authentic purpose to learning and help students develop essential future-focused skills of critical thinking, problem-solving, planning and collaboration. Project partnerships with business and other external expertise ensure learning links to the real world and brings to life our core values.

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